Monday, July 27, 2015

And it's here...

So my book has been out a few weeks now and it has been pretty cool. However, I read somewhere that I would put a ton of work into marketing and it will seem more tedious than writing the book itself. Man they were right. I have mostly been using social media and word of mouth right now. This week my project is to talk to some indie book sellers and set up some book signings. I thought that somehow my life would change but it hasn't. It's been exciting getting the book out there and not readers' hands but I have so much more to go.

In the mean time I am hard at work on my next one and I am hoping to at least have first draft fleshed out by the fall. I am working pretty hard and I am diligent in writing almost every day. I am also reading everything that I can get my hands on as it relates to my subject matter. I feel like I'm in college working on a term paper.

But I love reading and I am learning so much from reading as much as I do. However I have so many things to work on. Next month I will work on a short film doing hair and make-up. I am also starting to dip my toes back into the education realm. I can't seem to help myself when it comes to giving myself as many tasks as I possibly can. I can't seem to relax. Now I hope to have some auditions thrown in there and a little acting work to round out my schedule. I am in class after all studying South Africa:) Working the grind stone my friends...

P.S. By my book on Amazon!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

AHHH! The Challenge...

My book has been out for exactly 24 days. I have received two positive reviews thus far. It's becoming quite journey, this whole author thing. I am totally on the social media route right now but I am exploring creative venues to market my work. While I'm trying to market my work, I'm also trying to finish my second project. Books don't sell themselves that's for sure. I am on it though. I have just joined the Goodreads author group. As soon as I get my email approval I will start doing giveaways. I have already done one on Facebook and as soon as my shipment comes in, I will send it off. I also have little cards on the way to give to people who ask about my book. My next plan of attack is to get the book to BookPeople and Malvern Books. From there I will start researching other indie book sellers so I can get my book in there as well. Fingers crossed.

The acting front is slow for me. I keep hoping for the next big audition that will land me the next big job. I got new headshot and I updated my demo reel. I have been updating all of my actor stuff on all those sites that they say you should be on as an actor. I have emailed my agent with my new stuff and this week I will order new head shots to carry around and a new actor postcard.  Some friends and I have begun getting a project together so we can stay busy and I have signed on as a make-up artist for another film. It's one day at a time and nothing is guaranteed. I am remaining positive my friends.

My next tackle is to find more bloggers to follow, get more to follow me. I love the blog. I feel like this is my second outlet next to my journal. I get to send the word out and hope that someone listens...

Monday, July 13, 2015

So far so good...

So my book has been published and now I am pounding the pavement to sell it. So far so good. It's not a best seller...yet. It has been a journey and now I am starting another one. This next one is very close to my heart. All of my writing is but this next novel takes on a different approach. I am trying to focus on a subject that most people don't focus on. I'm not re-inventing the wheel by any means, but I noticed that the topic I am writing about is not discussed very often. What started out as a story that I heard some time ago about a person I admire has since become a quest. Obviously I am not going to give away what I am working on but rest assured, I am on it and working every day.

In the mean time, I am really proud of Unrequited. With my crazy schedule, I never thought that I would get it finished. What's amazing is that it was very healing for me. It helped me to address issues and things I never thought I was holding on to. So by writing a work of fiction that I could relate to I was able to heal a part of my soul. That's what I love about writing. Writing can be cleansing.

On a sad note, I learned that someone very dear to me passed away several years ago. I had a teacher in junior high that lit the fire in me to write. Carole Slotemaker-Ryland was more that just a teacher. She was a mentor, a friend, and the ultimate cheerleader for all of her students. I had hoped that she would be able to read my book but after many google searches,  found out that she was gone. I cried and felt guilty for not staying in better touch with her. The last time I saw her was at my wedding. I will miss her dearly and to honor her memory and the time she invested in me, I will continue to write and publish. It was my first love before acting and hair dressing.

If you haven't purchased my novel, please do so. You can find it on Kindle and it will be available as  hard copy by next week.